Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been thinking scary as it sounds, I've been thinking........ and listening. I had a "clarity" moment a few days ago and have tried to drink in life without so much coming out of my mouth since then. Be still and know that I am God stuff............. and today it occurs to me that I listen so much better with my eyes than my ears. Maybe the artist in me, maybe a learning matter. It is just how I am created! This doesn't get my ears off the hook though~ they just need to work together with my eyes to see and hear what I need to understand. I'll bet that taste, and smell and touch have a place in "Listening" well too. I pray today is either a good listening day for you, or you have a good talk with the one who listens best!

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Kristin said...

Sweet Cherie,

This post is beautiful. Know your heart speaks big to people and gently as if a whisper from God. Love that.

Blessings and sweet smiles to your day!