Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feeling pretty special today!

I'm so excited to tell you..............I won! I won!! Heather, a generous lady indeed, and owner of this cute online store called Speckled Egg has notified me of my gift of $25 in free spending money and bless her heart even free shipping. Uh, I went a few cents over and that too! Her prices are so reasonable and it was a blast piling up a charming and generous purchase~ all for $25. Check out Heather's store here and let me know what you found. Challenge: See if you can find a plastic piece I had purchased at her store that resembles my art in my own blog title above. If you can send me an image of it, I will have a "goodie" for you. No phone calls, no written emails, but an actual picture of my inspiration piece on Speckled egg. Ready, set, go.......let's keep the giving rolling here ladies! Send the image to


Hope Ellington said...

Hi Cherie~
I am excited that you won a contest.

Stephanie o. said...

Congratulations, Cherie...Speckled Egg is a fabulous site, isn't it? I have loved ordering from Heather..