Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mickey, I miss you!! Here we were at Disney this past October with our good friends, the Cains.

It was so good to have had the time away. Alas, we are in over a foot of snow and getting ready for our third snow day from school. Yep~ Disney is but a fond memory. Thanks for letting me re-live it and share it here today in January


stephanie said...

Fun picture to look @ on this snowy, cold day!!

Hope Ellington said...

I love the snow...but in about 2 days I am going to wish I was in Florida with Mickey!!! Lincoln played outside from 7:15a.m. until 5:30p.m. with about a 30 minute break to dry his clothes out!!!

craftinsomniac said...

Hey sweetie! Looks like you are in front of a Fort Wilderness cabin, are you? We stayed there last time and loved it, Disney is so much fun isn't it?