Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monumental day indeed

Today was the first anniversary of my dear friend Sharon's turn to go be with the Lord. What a glorious day full of God's splendor so much like the very day she left! We were able to surround the family and pray and share breakfast at the Jones's this morning. It was so very blessed. I'm so very blessed to have known her and have the promise of eternal life that we will meet again. I am also thankful for her family and what they mean to us and all the friends who joined in. Even that really horrible singing of Chris Rice's "Fly to Jesus". Oh well, she must have laughed at that one!!

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hi Cherie. Found you through Stephanie's. We couldn't make it for breakfast on Tues, but I thought of Sharon so much all week. Loved reading this. I blogged about Sharon last year if you want to read it. Don't know if the link will fit or not; if not it is in my archives, last Nov. Super Women Part 1 I think it was called.