Friday, January 17, 2014

Announcing new painting classes

Explore Intuitive Paint Classes
February 2014
3 to choose from.....and
No experience is necessary!
All supplies included and Paint classes are held at my in-home studio
located in Bloomington, Indiana.
I offer Artist quality paints in all classes.
Yes, snacks provided. Always!
Dates, times, and descriptions below
Please email me to sign up or inquire at
Take 2 classes in 2014, I'm offering the third for half price. 



Purely Intuitive Painting
 We will simply dig in to a generous canvas
as I direct you in playful mark- making with Acrylic paint. 
We will add color, layer upon layer in the colors you choose.
This very organic process with little expectation but a lot of exploration.
Often, an image will emerge (see images above)and with this discovery we will discuss how to define this with additional paint & additional technique.
I've found this to be a very joyful and therapeutic process and can't wait to share it! 
Cost is $100.
This is a Four hour class.
Saturday February 8th  12-4:00pm
Bird and Branch
 We will create this fun project on a wooden panel from a bird image you bring to class, or one (of plenty) I have on hand.
After I help you (if you need it) with a simple bird outline, we'll paint it with fluid acrylic paint.   
Next, I will introduce you to various mediums
and we will build some really interesting layered and textured backgrounds, and then the bird itself. 
Your darling bird will be unique to you , and many times, whimsical!
( As the pink bird painting shown above, along with the other two images which are  works in progress)

Cost is $75.
This is a 3 hour class.
Thursday, February 13th from 11 to 2:00
Saturday, February 22nd from 12 to 3:00

Well Hello Dolly!
First, Choose your own background papers from my hefty stash of new and vintage finds,
and next, we will adhere it to a flat wooden surface and give it a bit of a whitewash.
You will learn a fun technique using acrylic paints to build a sweet little face 
that I think will inspire you to make more!
Each face is unique and a bit whimsical, and I 've never met a face I didn't like!
Of course we will give her a cute outfit and arms too if we must.
Cost is $75.
This is a 3 hour class.
Thursday February 6th, from 11 to 2:00
Saturday March 1st, from 12 to 3:00  


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