Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So blessed!

Just the sweetest thing from Georgia, namely Sue donated this georgeous vintage wallpaper stash to Haiti by Hand and of course I went weak in the knees and had to have it. The more I read her blog and bio, the weaker they got! If that wasn't enough.........when the package arrived, much to my surprise Sue had researched my blog and saw that I collected "4"s and sent me all these darling Fours pictured! Oh my, it's a wonder I can walk. Kindness with legs......walking out randmom acts and Love is shared! It's fun to be the legs walkingn and fun to be the weak knee one once in a while too. Thankyou so much Sue! You are golden! All my friends~ Be sure and check out Haiti by Hand for your next gift, or treat yourself! Rebecca has raised $7ooo and all the proceeds go to a specific mission group of beautiful Haitian women she is working with over there. Thank you for your generosity! XO


Hope Ellington said... beautiful. You of all people deserve to be pampered. I love so much that she checked out your blog and found you loved 4's. I can't wait to see the lovely creations you come up with from the wallpaper! I have been out of the cleaning my craft room...I mean really cleaning it. You won't even recognize it.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh Cherie!
You are too, too, [too + too equals four] SWEET! The treat has been all mine! You have warmed my heart. In fact, thanks to you and your plug for Theresa McFayden's EZine, I joined the class! I haven't started my sampler yet, but I did spend all last night organizing my floss, etc.

I'm loving your journal pages. Went through your Flickr and took them all in. So many wonderful messages tucked in those pages. xo Sue

Shelley in SC said...

Sue is a sweetie. Have you joined Teresa McFayden's (sp?) latest E-zine? I just signed up and can't wait to get going!